chris tolomei

instructional Designer and trainer

Slide 1 jFlow Plus Drag and Match Game
A game created in flash for high school photography students
with the goal of increasing their knowledge of camera parts
and technical vocabulary.Read More!
Slide 2 jFlow Plus Student Video
Advanced photography students were
commissioned to produce a video for
beginning students demonstrating
how to make a pinhole camera.
The results are impressive.Read More!
Slide 3 jFlow Plus Instructional Video
A video created in Camtasia to teach beginning photography
students how to load film into a 35mm camera.Read More!

Vision Statement

Ready or not, educational technology is changing the face of education. The juggernaut has arrived. I believe that we're currently experiencing a revolution in education and that educational technology will change the world.
I want to be a part of the revolution.
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I've created a blog dedicated to trends in technology as it relates to learning. Technology changes so fast that it can seem overwhelming - and difficult to keep up with the changes. I hope to highlight these advancements in my blog. Your comments and feedback are welcome.
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As part of the Master of Science in Education, Educational Technology Leadership program at CSUEB, I took a number of educational technology courses during 2011 and 2012 taught by Dr. Bijan Guilani and Dr. Li-ling Chen. Click for a complete list of the courses.
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